Phochen is a furniture hardware company engaged in wall shelf, bracket and closet system. It is a leading manufacturer in Hangzhou which has a history of more than ten years and two plants covering 40000 sqm contributed by over 300 staff, certified with ISO9001:2008,SGS,TUV,FSC.

Devoted to high quality products, competitive prices and professional services, we have kept long-term cooperation with foreign well-known household enterprises such as IKEA, OBI, and obtained favorable comments from customers.

True to our slogan “EASY LIFE”, our products allow you to style your personal space practically through easy installation and combination, which would save you both time and efforts. Start creating your dream house with our inspiring products. 

Style your room/Create, plan your space

Our products are an excellent option for organizing unique space and small solutions. They are fixed to the wall and brackets can be easily installed to hold any of our shelves. Start creating your dream home with our inspiring tools.

Wall Shelving System
Adjustable wall rail has 50 mm or 32 mm pitch-row, single and double rail, and can be freely assembled according to space and weight requirements. Our wall shelf system is really easy to install. All you need is to assemble the bracket onto the wall rail in order to support the shelves. It can be used for home, office, garage, and other places.

Shelf Bracket
The shelf brackets are made of steel or aluminum, with painting, chrome, galvanized or other surfaces. They are usually used in pairs to support wooden or glass shelves. With their outstanding weight capacity and easy installation, it’s really an excellent option for organizing unique spaces.

Decorative Shelf Bracket
Compared with traditional shelf brackets, decorative wall brackets not only have outstanding weight capacity, but also make your room more beautiful and artistic .They also matched with gardening perfectly. The installation is simple as shelf brackets just need some screws.

Closet System
The closet system includes wall rail, top track, shelf bracket, wire basket and closet rod. Its unique advantage is that it could be assembled easily in a short time by only one person, freely combined according to space and weight requirements.
The entire system is really stylish, practical and flexible. You can use it at home, in office, in laundry room, and adjust according to your needs. In the meanwhile, the environmental friendly materials and perfect surface treatment make our products more secure.